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Fredricas Sucess Story

Fredrica: A confident, vibrant woman

Like many of us, Fredrica always remembers struggling with weight loss. “My first memory of being overweight was in the 5th grade.” Fredrica lost weight in high school playing sports but gained all of the weight back during college. After college, she continued to struggle to lose weight. “Every time I tried something new, like a diet or new exercise plan, the weight would just come back the moment I had any stress or changes in my life. I wasn’t having success doing the things everyone else was doing, and I wanted to make a change.”

“I talked to different doctors in different states, and I knew I wanted a doctor with a lot of experience doing the ESG procedure. After I talked to Dr. Charbel, I knew the Silhouette Clinic was the place I wanted to go to.”

Fredrica chose ESG because it would allow her to keep living her life the way she wanted to. ESG is an outpatient procedure that is not surgery. The procedure takes less than an hour, recovery is an hour, and then you can go home. You can live a normal life and keep eating everything, but in smaller portions, so you don’t feel like you are missing out or restricting your diet.

15 months after her ESG procedure at The Silhouette Clinic Fredrica has lost 60 lbs. “Previously I would feel conscious of how I looked in comparison to my friends. Now I feel so much more comfortable just being myself. I went out with coworkers for a spa day, and I was actually excited to wear a bathing suit rather than staying wrapped up in a robe feeling self-conscious of my body.”

Fredrica was afraid of what people might think about her using medical help to lose weight. “My friends and family tell me I look amazing. Everyone is happy that I am happy and healthy. If you are thinking of getting ESG, go to the Silhouette Clinic.”

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