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Losing weight is a challenge many people face, often turning to various diet and exercise routines to find that magical solution. For some, even after relentless efforts, the desired results remain elusive, and invasive procedures like surgery are either too daunting or not an option. If you find yourself in this category, feeling as if the weight loss journey is an insurmountable mountain, take heart. It’s not the end of the road. 

Modern advancements introduce non-surgical alternatives like gastric balloons, bridging the gap between conventional methods and surgery. While the transformative impact of this procedure is evident through gastric balloon before-and-after pictures, it’s essential to delve deeper into understanding the procedure’s intricacies. Continue reading to get a comprehensive insight into what you can expect when opting for this game-changing approach.


What is a Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon is a minimally invasive procedure that inserts a silicone balloon into your stomach to feel fuller while restricting how much you can eat. These balloons can stay in place for six to eight months, helping jumpstart your weight loss. 

The result gastric balloons offer must be combined with lifestyle changes, like adding more exercise and a healthier diet to achieve long-lasting gastric balloon weight loss results.

To perform this procedure, we use an endoscope, a thin, and long tube with a tiny camera. We lower the balloon into your stomach through your esophagus without making any incisions. We then fill the balloon with saline and seal the valve to keep it from leaking. You will only need to receive a mild sedative to undergo the procedure. 

The best candidates for gastric balloons are those who don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure to lose significant weight. You must also have a BMI between 30 and 40 and not have had previous weight loss surgery. And because we need to place the gastric balloon using your esophagus, your esophagus must be healthy. 

Gastric balloon before and after pictures reveal the procedure’s effectiveness. It can save you a lot of time because the procedure is faster and the recovery time shorter than what you would need if you got weight loss surgery. 

This procedure is more cost-effective and an option for those unable to undergo surgery. Additionally, there’s no commitment to a permanent procedure, as the gastric balloon is removed after a few months.

Gastric balloons also allow on-demand removal if you’re unhappy with the results or experience other issues. 


Types of Gastric Balloons

We offer two types of gastric balloons: the Orbera Balloon and the Spatz3 Balloon. 

The Orbera Balloon is made of strong silicone and gets inserted into your stomach via your esophagus. We then inflate it with saline until it’s the size of a grapefruit. The procedure takes about 20 minutes. For most people, the Orbera Balloon offers excellent results in about six months, making you feel fuller and limiting how much you can actually eat. 

The Spatz3 Balloon is the only adjustable gastric balloon available today. It allows you to get consistent results and avoid any weight loss plateaus that other types of balloons can cause. Because the Spatz3 has a port, we can increase or decrease the balloon’s volume as needed. Those who’ve turned to this adjustable option have overwhelmingly positive gastric balloon stories.  



Do Gastric Balloons Work?

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Does a gastric balloon work?” To get the answer you’re looking for, all you have to do is look at gastric balloon before and after pics to see just how effective they can be. 

Gastric balloons keep you from overeating, which is one of the issues that people who suffer from obesity often deal with. The balloon takes up a good amount of room in your stomach, making you feel full so that you don’t experience the kind of hunger that might prevent you from losing weight with a diet. 

Of course, after a few months, we must remove the balloon. As a result, it’s worth noting that gastric balloons can only offer long-lasting results if you commit to lifestyle changes. By combining nutritional guidance with an exercise regimen, you can maintain the weight loss the device helped you achieve. 


Gastric Balloon Before and After: What to Expect

The first step in the process is to come to us for a consultation. We will ask about your goals and lifestyle and what weight-loss procedures you’ve previously tried. If you take medications or have health issues, let us know so we can decide whether you’re a good candidate for this treatment. We will also need to perform some basic blood tests. 

On the day of your gastric balloon procedure, we ask that you avoid eating or drinking anything for about 12 hours. When you arrive, we will place you under sedation and insert the gastric balloon. Once we have it in place, we finish by filling it with saline. You will be free to go home about an hour after the procedure is completed.

The recovery is simple and can take about three to five days. We’ll likely prescribe medications to help you through the first few days. We recommend eating a liquid diet for the first two days and then a semi-solid diet starting on the third day. Within two weeks, you’ll be able to start eating normal foods. 

As you adjust to the balloon, we will monitor you and see what kind of results you’re getting. If you have a Spatz3 Balloon, we can adjust it as needed. And as the months pass, we will tweak it if you notice that it’s not as effective as it was at the start. After about eight months, we will call you back into the clinic to remove the balloon. 

Our patients’ gastric balloon reviews consistently highlight their transformative experiences. Efi, for instance, shed over 60 lbs in just eight months using the Spatz3 Balloon. She enthusiastically shares, “In only eight months, I lost 64 lbs. and kept them off with the Spatz3 Adjustable Balloon. It literally changed my life. I recommend this gastric balloon to anyone who needs to lose weight.”

Our patients have so many great things to say about their gastric balloon weight loss before and after results. In particular, many are thrilled with how quick the procedure can be and how soon they can get back to their regular lives without worrying about a complex surgical procedure. 


Gastric Balloon Before And After Pictures

We are so proud of our patient T.H. who lost 50 lbs with the Spatz3 gastric balloon. She changed her eating habits and her lifestyle and she is physically very active. The Spatz3 gastric balloon gave T.H. the push she needed to start her weight loss journey and helped her achieve her goals. She continues to work with The Silhouette Clinic team to make sure she maintains her amazing results long-term. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Spatz Before pic

Before Spatz Balloon

Post Spatz balloon 20.5% weight loss

After Spatz Balloon

Pre Spatz

Before Spatz Balloon

Spatz 8 month 20.5%

After Spatz Balloon

Weight Loss Balloon Procedures from the Silhouette Clinic 

Being unable to lose weight despite trying diet and exercise can be frustrating, leaving you feeling as if getting healthier is impossible — especially if you can’t or don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure. However, with gastric balloons, you can achieve significant weight loss safely without putting your body through invasive treatments.

Gastric balloons like the Spaz3 and Orbera aren’t permanent solutions, but they offer the chance to start making a change in your weight while simultaneously training yourself to eat better. At The Silhouette Clinic, we are here to guide you as you begin your weight loss journey. 

We know how difficult it can be to start, so we’re ready to answer your questions and tell you more about the services we offer. Contact The Silhouette Clinic today to learn more about our non-surgical weight loss options.

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