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Holiday Weight Gain

From cocktail parties to family gatherings and dining out in the town, the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s is filled with lots of delicious food, seasonal goodies, and merriment, which can all result in extra calories and pounds. 

Yes, holiday weight gain is a reality, and the pounds gained can compound over time if not lost immediately. Studies have shown that most people add a few pounds during the holidays, then lose one or two of those gained pounds, but hold onto a pound or more each year, creating a threat to their waistlines. Additionally, feelings of guilt can trigger the cycle of emotional eating.   

Luckily this weight gain is reversible, and you can get back on track with your wellness and weight goals right after the holiday season.  

Read on for easy tips that help fit you again into your skinny jeans in no time. 

Get back to the basics

There is no need to over-complicate meals. Get back to a routine of 3 meals daily and 1 snack if needed. Remember your meals should keep you full for 4-5 hours. In order to experience this, it’s vital to get back to the basics: protein first, always. Aim for a daily goal of 60-80 grams of protein, or more! To hit this goal, make sure you are always eating your protein first at meal or snack times. After eating your protein,  if you’re still hungry, add some non-starchy vegetables. These types of vegetables are higher in fiber and help you feel fuller faster, after eating your protein. Save the starch for last, if there’s even any room for it!

Drink your fluids

Water, sugar-free teas, and other sugar-free beverages keep you hydrated. Drinking a lot of fluids is extremely helpful throughout your weight loss journey. Adequate fluids help your body flush out toxins and keep you from getting sick; beverages that contain sugar do not have this same benefit. 

Also, be sure to Watch your alcohol intake as alcohol calories add up fast. Replace alcoholic drinks with non-calorie beverages such as sparkling or fruit-infused water. Add a refreshing slice of lemon or cucumber and some mint. Enjoy! 

Get enough sleep

When tired, you tend to overeat and make poorer food choices. So to lose weight, there is no better and easier way than to get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to obesity, which has been associated with many medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Aim for 7 hours each night.  


Participate in winter sports

There are plenty of wintertime snow sports you can get involved in to burn the calories from cocktails and quiches.   

According to fitness experts, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing can burn calories by working your lower body and core while enjoying the outdoors. Similarly, ice skating is an excellent outdoor (or indoor) wintertime activity.  . So lace up your skates! Building a snowman or having a snowball fight are good old-fashioned seasonal fun exercises that boost your physical fitness and help you melt away calories.   


Go shopping

If the outdoors isn’t for you, another easy way to stay moving during the winter months is by whopping. Walking around the shopping mall is a great way, and a warm way, to burn extra calories. Walking one mile can burn around a hundred calories. Hence, going for a thirty-minute brisk walk for five days per week can lead to losing one pound in three and a half weeks, assuming the number of calories consumed is constant. To boost these numbers, park your car further away, carry your bags instead of using a cart, and climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. 

Then you can buy yourself a fancy new outfit that makes you look great and celebrates your recent weight loss. A little tip: go for solid colors and clean lines – these are the most flattering. 

Plan ahead

Those with a history of fruitful weight loss goals tend to plan and prepare when temptation strikes. Packing healthy snacks like fruits and raw nuts when traveling, stepping on the scale every day, and closing your kitchen door early in the evening are among the successful strategies followed by those you maintain a healthy weight.   


Engage a friend

When passing through a post-holiday slump, creating goals with others can be especially helpful, and having a partner to support you, encourage you, and hold you accountable is key. 

Schedule gym workouts with a buddy, swap healthy meal ideas and recipes with a friend and have walking meetings with a colleague. You will find the activity much more enjoyable, and you will actually look forward to it. Having a push from another person makes all the difference! 

Be patient

The holiday season is around six weeks. If you were overindulging for that time, do not expect the extra pounds to disappear overnight.  Moreover, a slow and steady weight drop is safer and more effective, according to researchers. 


In summary, people often overindulge in what they eat during the holidays because they are exposed to an abundance of high-calorie foods such as pies, cakes, and cookies and many feel terrible or ashamed after gaining weight as a result. The good news is that there are easy ways to help you lose weight after the holiday binge, and most importantly start the New Year fit and healthy. 

For any support, do not hesitate to reach out. At The Silhouette Clinic, our team of professionals is ready to provide you with a customized one-on-one plan that helps you reach your health goals toward a better you. 

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