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At the Silhouette Clinic, we offer weight loss medications prescribed under medical supervision, as well as nutrition counseling, to assist you in achieving

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The Silhouette Clinic Nutrition Counseling

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is physician-supervised weight loss. The Silhouette Clinic’s medical weight loss program finds the reason behind weight gain and comes up with a noninvasive, nonsurgical plan for how to lose it. The doctors and dietitians at the Silhouette Clinic help find the right balance of medicine, nutrition, and behavior changes that lead to weight loss. We are here to support, empower, advise, and provide exercise recommendations tailored to each individual.

Services include a consultation with an obesity-certified medical provider, meal planning, prescriptions, nutrition counseling with dieticians, and regular follow-ups. Unlike other weight loss programs that are part of a subscription, meal kit, pill, injection, surgery, or mass-produced “solution.” Your medical weight loss program is custom-fit to you, with medical professionals there to supervise and consult throughout. You’re not on your own.

The Silhouette Clinic Nutrition Counseling

How does medical weight loss work?

Many patients can lose weight…only to see it return. At the Silhouette Clinic, we use medications to treat the biological/hormonal drivers of weight gain to help you lose weight and keep it off. You will undergo a medical evaluation and then get a prescription for the medication appropriate for you. You will continue to be under medical supervision, while our registered dietitians work directly with you to achieve sustained weight loss by creating a plan tailored to your individual needs and medical history.


Does each person have a different medical weight loss plan?

Losing weight takes more than willpower; there are often many underlying medical, genetic, hormonal, behavioral, and other factors involved. Our providers are certified in obesity medicine. They will work with you to decide which medication is best for your case. Our dietitians take a holistic approach to your overall wellness and create individualized, scientifically-based comprehensive plans. Each plan incorporates nutritional, behavioral, and exercise recommendations that are the most effective for your unique physique.

The Silhouette Clinic Nutrition Counseling
The Silhouette Clinic Nutrition Counseling

What is the process of each medical weight loss consultation?

You will have an initial medical consultation with one of our providers certified in obesity medicine. You will receive a prescription for the medication deemed medically appropriate in your specific case (such as Semaglutide). You will have regular medical follow-up visits to monitor your progress and adjust your medication.

At your one-on-one visits with your dietitian, you will have their undivided attention so you can share your medical history, lifestyle, goals, and concerns, and discuss your progress. During these meetings, you will receive mindful eating counseling, individualized meal plans, coaching, and nutrition guidance.

Maintain a healthy weight over the long term.

Our multi-pronged, holistic approach is what, in part, makes long-term weight loss success achievable. Medical weight loss is not a magic pill or a one-time surgery. It’s a natural result of accountability, medical expertise, lifestyle habits, and medical prescriptions. This combination of factors will help you meet your weight goal and maintain it in a balanced, supported way. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, though you may start to see results in the first week.

During your consultation, you may inquire about alternative outpatient weight loss procedures facilitated by the Silhouette Clinic. However, medical weight loss is the least invasive nonsurgical solution. A long-term healthy weight is attainable between the expertise of a medical weight loss doctor and your commitment and openness. The Silhouette Clinic is here to help you form healthy habits and stick to them.

Maintaining a healthy weight over the long term not only helps you feel better, but also reduces your risk of developing many health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and heart disease.

The Silhouette Clinic Nutrition Counseling

We Now Offer Medical Weight Loss With Insurance


Most insurance plans are accepted through Digestive Care Specialists practice.

While weight loss provides major health benefits, some insurance plans may not cover our medical weight loss packages. However, we do offer financing.

We’re In It Together

Every journey requires a support team. The weight loss journey is no exception. The staff at the Silhouette Clinic is proud to offer our specialized expertise during every consultation, follow-up, and interaction with you. Take the next step in achieving your weight loss goals by scheduling a consultation today.

At the Silhouette Clinic, our goal is to work with you to create a healthier you!



Some frequently asked questions about the Silhouette Clinic’s medical weight loss program are as follows:

Do you offer medical weight loss with insurance?

Yes. We do offer medical weight loss with insurance coverage. We participate with most major insurance plans through our Digestive Care Specialists practice. Your out-of-pocket cost for medically supervised weight loss will depend on your insurance plan (copay, deductible). If your insurance plan does not cover medical weight loss, we do offer self-pay packages and we do offer financing options.

How much does your self-pay medical weight loss program cost?

The 12-month package for medical weight loss totals $2495. This cost covers the following:

  • The initial consultation with an obesity-certified medical provider, plus medical follow-ups every three months
  • Weight loss medication prescription as needed (Because prescription cost is dependent upon health insurance, it is not factored into package cost.)
  • Email access to a Registered Dietitian, plus scheduled monthly nutrition counseling televisits
  • A welcome gift bag plus a smart scale for monitoring weight and body composition
  • Personalized recipes and meal planning

While health insurance does not cover the cost of medical weight loss, the Silhouette Clinic does offer another package option at a lower price point. The six-month package includes the same benefits; it totals $1495. You might also consider using CareCredit Financing.

How much weight can I lose with medical weight loss solutions?

Some patients lose up to five pounds weekly, while others shed more than two pounds weekly. The rate of weight loss might fluctuate week to week or month to month. Because no two bodies are the same, it is not always helpful to compare your journey with others — even those who undergo the same weight loss method. Medical weight management is not just about reaching an average weight loss; it’s about making lifestyle changes that support long-term health and well-being. The rate of pounds shed depends upon various factors. Maintaining a goal of overall health as a weight loss goal will keep you on track.

Does medical weight loss work for everyone?

Because every person’s body is different, we recognize that there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach to a medical weight loss program. That’s why each patient works with a medical weight loss specialist to ensure customized care. Our weight management program gives personal attention to each individual’s life circumstances, so you’re not left in the cold – because this journey is not only physical, it’s mental and emotional.

Is your medical weight loss clinic near me?

The Silhouette Clinic has two locations in central Maryland, making us a convenient center for medical weight loss for residents of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., as well as some parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Schedule an appointment at our Germantown office or Frederick location.

Do you offer weight loss injections?

Yes. At The Silhouette Clinic, we believe that obesity is a chronic disease that sometimes requires medications, like any other medical condition. We use various weight loss medications available to us. You will undergo an evaluation that allows us to pick the medication that is most appropriate for you. We use weight loss medication injections that are safe and proven to provide good results.

Do you prescribe diabetes medications for weight loss?

Some of the medications used for diabetes can also be used for weight loss. For example, Semaglutide is approved for diabetes under the brand name Ozempic and for weight loss under the brand name Wegovy. Integration of prescription weight loss medications into a weight loss program can be a safe and healthy way to shed excess weight. Other diabetes medicines are very effective for weight loss, such as Tirzepatide (Mounjaro). Tirzepatide was approved by the FDA for weight loss under the brand name Zepbound. At our weight loss clinic, we work with you to find the medication option that works best for you.

Do you have weight loss specialists near me?

All our providers at The Silhouette Clinic are certified in obesity medicine. So if you are looking for certified weight loss doctors near me, you came to the right place. While our weight loss center is located in Maryland, we serve Virginia and DC as well. We offer the flexibility of remote video visits to bring our weight loss specialists near you wherever you are.

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