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Nolas Success Story

Nola: ESG leads to a healthier lifestyle

Nola struggled with her weight as early as age 12. When she went to college her weight began to cause symptoms of anxiety and depression. “It became a barrier for me to meet people and to interact. I felt different, almost ostracized.”

Beyond college she developed depression, anxiety, arthritis, and high blood pressure. After a health scare where she had to go to the emergency room, she began to look at medical weight loss options. “I knew people who had other bariatric surgeries, who had lots of complications. I knew I didn’t want that.” Nola went to the Silhouette Clinic. During her consultation with Dr. Charbel, he explained the Silhouette Clinic approach, and that ESG is a tool to help change her relationship with food and to start on the path of sustained weight loss.

“Dr. Charbel explained the procedure to me, the staff was really helpful, I was able to ask questions, there were no mysteries about the procedure, and I felt supported.” The key to Nola’s sustained weight loss is ESG combined with support after the procedure. Staff at the Silhouette Clinic provided this support to Nola by discussing eating habits and lifestyle and working with a dietician to learn how to change her relationship with food.

18 months after her ESG procedure Nola has lost 100 lbs. She is excited about her health and lifestyle. She has stopped taking six medications, and her blood pressure is normal. “I can do all the things I always wanted to do from participating in a fun run to playing with my grandkids without getting winded. I feel like I can be me without all the baggage and can be there for my kids and grandkids.”

“ESG was quick and easy, and I feel like I am now the person I was meant to be. The Silhouette clinic is amazing. Dr. Charbel’s support, the dietician’s support, and the staff’s support is amazing.”

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