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Non-Surgical Weight Loss in Maryland

Options for Your Weight Loss Journey


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At The Silhouette Clinic, it’s our mission to ensure that you’re able to achieve the body you want the way you desire. Our team cares about your success, and we’re with you every step of the way.

When you schedule your consultation, you’ll have a chance to talk with one of our skilled physicians about your health history and future weight loss goals. Depending on your unique situation, you’ll be presented with various procedure options designed to help you get the body you want. A doctor will dedicate time to comprehensively answer your questions and assist you in determining the most suitable next step in your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Services that Fit Your Life

Endoscopic Sleeve

Endoscopic Sleeve (ESG)

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) is a minimally invasive, outpatient, non-surgical, incision-less procedure. This procedure is very well tolerated. This is an outpatient procedure, and patients return to their normal routine after a few days.


Orbera Weight Loss Balloon

Orbera Weight Loss Balloon

Orbera is a twelve-month journey, and getting the most out of this system means having a team devoted to your success. If Orbera is right for you, our group helps you use it to change your eating behaviors, and sustain that progress long after the balloon is removed.


Bariatric Revision

Bariatric Revision

Bariatric revision, or trans-oral gastric outlet reduction, is a non surgical outpatient procedure. Sutures are used to tighten the gastrojejunal anastomosis and restore it to its original size in patients experiencing weight regain after gastric bypass.


The Silhouette Clinic Nutrition Counseling

Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon

The Spatz3 Balloon is a minimally-invasive, walk-in/walk-out, incision-less weight loss procedure. It allows patients to learn how to read their body’s signals and develop healthier eating habits that maintain weight loss after the balloon is removed.


Orbera Weight Loss Balloon

Weight Loss Nutrition Package

Customized 1:1 nutrition counseling televisits with our bariatric dietitian. Fits your busy schedule. Personalized meal planning, eating behavioral counseling, fitness evaluation and goal setting. Log your meals on an app and share your food diary with the nutritionist.


Endoscopic Sleeve

Medical Weight Loss Package

Initial physician evaluation and monitoring. Weight loss medications to suppress appetite and control cravings as medically necessary. 1:1 nutriton counseling. Personalized meal planning, eating behavioral counseling. Meal replacement shakes if medically appropriate.


Why Choose Non-Surgical Weight Loss? 

Exploring non-surgical weight loss programs in Maryland offers numerous advantages for individuals on their quest for their ideal body and a healthier lifestyle

Here’s how our specialized procedures can effectively support your journey.



Lower Risk of Surgical Complications

Weight loss surgery often carries risks like intestinal complications and other health concerns. With non-surgical medical weight loss, Maryland patients can experience reduced risks, providing a safer and often more sustainable path to weight loss. 


Minimal Anesthesia 

While anesthesia can provide comfort during surgery, prolonged anesthesia time isn’t safe or tolerable for everyone. It can also produce undesirable side effects. With non-surgical weight loss procedures, Maryland patients can avoid prolonged anesthesia and bypass its potentially harmful consequences. Gastric balloons are placed under sedation only and Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty requires a short period of IV anesthesia. 


Faster Recovery Time

Weight loss surgery typically requires a three to six-week recovery before you can resume normal activities, and some side effects may linger for months. Choosing a non-surgical weight loss program at our Maryland weight loss center ensures a significantly faster recovery. You can return home within hours and resume your daily activities within just a few days. 


Reduced Risk of Infection

Surgical site infections rank among the top hospital-acquired infections. Research indicates that patients with surgical infections often face extended hospital stays, typically seven to 10 days longer. However, by choosing non-surgical weight loss, Maryland patients can significantly lower their risk of such infections, offering a safer and more efficient path to achieving their weight loss goals.


Fewer Restrictions Post-Procedure

With weight loss surgery, there are restrictions. You may be unable to exercise, lift over 10 pounds, take baths, or swim for several weeks. With non-surgical weight loss procedures like endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, Maryland patients often have fewer post-procedure lifestyle restrictions. You can get back to enjoying your life quickly.


Lower Cost Compared to Surgery

Bariatric surgery, a significant medical procedure, often entails substantial expenses. If you don’t pay for these procedures upfront, you may face a prolonged financial burden, accruing considerable hospital bills that could impact your finances for years. In contrast, non-surgical weight loss procedures provided by our Maryland weight loss clinics eliminate the need for anesthesia and hospital stays. This dramatically reduces costs, making these options more budget-friendly and financially feasible for many.


No Permanent Alterations to the Digestive System

The most popular method of bariatric surgery requires a surgeon to cut a portion of your stomach and sew it directly onto your small intestine. This procedure is generally not reversible. This isn’t the case with non-surgical weight loss. Maryland patients who go this route won’t have to worry about making permanent changes to any part of the digestive tract.


Lower Risk of Long-Term Nutritional Deficiencies

Undergoing weight loss surgery can lead to nutritional deficiencies, particularly in calcium and vitamin D. If you’re exploring non-surgical alternatives in Maryland, ESG procedures can significantly reduce the likelihood of these deficiencies, enhancing your journey toward improved health.


Suitable for Individuals Who May Not Be Eligible for Surgery

Some medical conditions can stop you from qualifying for weight loss surgery. With non-surgical weight loss, Maryland patients may be able to get around these barriers. If weight loss surgery is unsuitable, our team is here to assist. For those exploring weight loss procedures in Maryland, an endoscopic procedure provides a viable, less-invasive alternative with effective results. Contact us to discover how this innovative method can aid in your weight loss journey.


Opportunity for Gradual and Sustainable Weight Loss

If you’re considering some of our weight loss services in Maryland, endoscopic weight loss procedures offer a distinct approach compared to bariatric surgery. 

While bariatric surgery often results in rapid weight loss over a few weeks, endoscopic methods promote a more gradual weight reduction. This pace is typically more sustainable and can lead to long-lasting health benefits throughout your lifetime.



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Our team recognizes the challenges inherent in any weight loss journey. Therefore, we adopt a partnership approach with each client, equipping them with the necessary information, tools, and support to achieve their desired body goals. With personalized plans tailored for non-surgical weight loss, Maryland patients can begin their path toward a revitalized, healthier lifestyle. Start your weight loss transformation today.

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