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How to choose between the Orbera balloon and the Spatz3 balloon?


Before you decide which gastric balloon to pursue, you need to make sure that a gastric weight loss balloon is the right choice for you. A gastric balloon is a great way to kick start the weight loss journey if you are having difficulty losing weight. If you can lose weight but your main problem is the weight regain, you may want to look for a more permanent solution such as the ESG procedure. When faced with the decision between the Orbera gastric balloon and the Spatz3 balloon, it is important to think about what features are most important for you. The main advantage of the Spatz3 balloon is its adjustability. This gives significant flexibility and makes unscheduled balloon removal due to intolerance much less likely. The Orbera balloon, on the other hand, is smooth with no catheter hanging from it and may cause less irritation of the stomach lining. It is also essential to seek guidance from your doctor who can help you evaluate the expected weight loss outcomes for each stomach balloon and the possible gastric balloon results. One important consideration is to ask the treatment team at the weight loss center you go to, what balloon they use most and which one they are comfortable dealing with.


What are the side effects of the gastric balloon?


The Orbera and Spatz3 balloons have gained recognition as simple, minimally invasive, and safe non-surgical weight loss procedures. Just like any medical procedure, these procedures have potential drawbacks, and it is important to examine the potential gastric balloon side effects. 

Shortly after balloon placement, most patients experience some side effects of gastric balloons, including Orbera and Spatz3 balloons. Gastric balloon side effects include nausea, possibly vomiting,  abdominal pain, or bloating. These symptoms are usually transient and they subside as the stomach adapts to the presence of the gastric balloon. The doctor prescribes anti-nausea medications even before the balloon placement. This is to prevent and treat nausea and to avoid vomiting. If you can’t drink enough fluids in the first couple of days after balloon placement, your doctor may give you IV fluids to make sure you are well hydrated. Adequate patient education and support can help you effectively cope with these symptoms and surpass them, thus ensuring ultimate gastric balloon results. While the occurrence of gastric balloon side effects is generally low, particularly after the first few days, your doctor will remain vigilant in monitoring you throughout your treatment journey. Patient education, adherence to proper selection criteria, regular follow-up, and prompt intervention can help mitigate potential risks and ensure the safe and effective use of the Orbera and Spatz3 balloons in achieving sustainable weight loss results. The Orbera balloon side effects and the Spatz balloon side effects are usually similar and comparable. Unlike the few days after the gastric balloon placement, you do not experience any Orbera balloon side effects after removing the balloon. You may or may not experience some Spatz balloon side effects after the up-adjustment of the balloon. You do not experience side effects after the removal of the Spatz balloon.

Just as with any weight loss method, gaining back some of the lost weight is possible after the removal of both the Orbera and Spatz3 balloons. Gastric balloon procedures are just one component of a comprehensive weight loss program that encompasses dietary adjustments, physical activity, and behavioral changes. After the gastric balloons are removed, sustaining a healthy weight necessitates ongoing dedication to a well-rounded and sustainable lifestyle. Without continued adherence to healthy habits, there is a risk of regaining weight after positive gastric balloon results. To avoid this gastric balloon side effect (if we can consider that as a side effect), we recommend that you continue to work closely with your weight loss team to establish long-term strategies for weight management following balloon removal.  



Am I a candidate for the gastric balloon, be it Orbera or Spatz3?


To qualify for the Orbera or Spatz intragastric balloon procedure, you need to have an elevated body mass index (BMI). The balloons are usually recommended for patients with a BMI falling between thirty and forty. However, this is flexible based on the individual patient’s conditions and needs. A patient with a BMI higher than 40 who does not want surgery but needs help losing weight would be a good candidate for the intragastric balloon. Someone with a BMI that falls in the “overweight” category, or BMI between 25 and 30, and who suffers from weight-related comorbid conditions may also benefit from gastric balloon weight loss. Prospective candidates for the Spatz or Orbera weight loss balloons are typically individuals who have made previous unsuccessful attempts to lose weight through dietary changes and exercise. 

Successful candidates should demonstrate a commitment to embracing long-term changes in their diet and exercise habits. Individuals with certain medical conditions, or with eating disorders, may not be suitable candidates for the Spatz3 or Orbera weight loss balloons. Patients with a history of any previous gastric surgery are not candidates for any gastric weight loss balloon.

Two innovative gastric balloons, the Orbera balloon, and the Spatz3 balloon, have emerged among the best non-surgical weight loss procedures in the fight against obesity and in achieving desired weight loss goals. While both aim to assist with non-surgical weight loss, their unique features set them apart. 

By delving into their design, adjustability, duration of use, weight loss outcomes, and procedural nuances, we can uncover the impact both weight loss balloons can have on individuals seeking effective non-surgical weight loss programs. 


But first, let us briefly describe each of the non-surgical gastric balloon options. 


What is the Orbera balloon?

The Orbera weight loss balloon is a gastric balloon – a specialized intragastric device employed as a non-surgical approach to address weight loss in individuals struggling with obesity. This innovative method entails the placement of a pliable silicone balloon inside the stomach, which is subsequently filled with a saline solution to occupy volume and induce a sense of satiety. The balloon remains within the stomach for a designated timeframe, typically six months, assisting individuals in managing portion sizes and embracing healthier dietary practices. As an integral component of a comprehensive gastric balloon weight loss program, the Orbera intragastric balloon is accompanied by expert guidance and support and regular dietitian visits. 


What is the Spatz3 balloon?

The Spatz3 balloon is also a gastric balloon – a specialized intragastric device employed for combating obesity. This innovative intragastric balloon is carefully placed within the stomach to assist in achieving weight loss goals. After inflating the balloon with a saline solution, it effectively occupies space within the stomach, resulting in a sensation of satiety and decreased food consumption. One remarkable feature of the Spatz3 balloon is its adjustability, enabling healthcare providers to tailor its volume to suit each patient’s unique requirements. This tool is intended to complement a holistic weight loss program and is typically removed after eight months, as approved by the FDA. Outside the US, the Spatz3 gastric balloon is placed for up to twelve months (depending on the regulatory approval in every country). 

What are the main differences between the Orbera balloon and the Spatz3 balloon?


The distinctions between the Orbera and the Spatz3 stomach balloon can be summarized as follows. 

1-Design and Adjustability: 

The Orbera balloon comprises a single-use soft silicone balloon inserted endoscopically into the stomach. It is subsequently filled with a saline solution to occupy space and induce a sense of fullness. On the other hand, the Spatz3 balloon is crafted from durable silicone elastomer and it has a catheter attached to the balloon itself. It offers the ability to adjust the gastric balloon volume. This allows for the optimization of the gastric balloon weight loss results. 

2-Adjustability and Duration of Use: 

The Spatz3 balloon can be inflated or deflated non-surgically within the stomach, empowering healthcare professionals to modify the balloon volume according to individual requirements. This adjustability enables a tailored treatment approach and potential enhancement of weight loss results. An up-adjustment can be performed by adding fluid to the gastric balloon to enhance the weight loss if the patient hits a weight loss plateau. A down-adjustment can be performed if the patient develops significant gastric balloon side effects. The intragastric balloon can be made smaller and better tolerated, instead of removing the balloon altogether. Moreover, the Spatz3 balloon remains in the stomach for eight months, providing a longer treatment duration compared to the typical six-month placement of the Orbera intragastric balloon. 

3-Procedural Nuances: 

Inserting both the Orbera and Spatz3 balloons entails minimally invasive endoscopic procedures. The gastric balloon insertion or removal procedures usually take 15 minutes only. However, the placement and adjustment of the Spatz3 balloon may necessitate more training due to its distinctive design and adjustability. Physicians must possess specific expertise associated with the Spatz3 balloon to ensure proper placement and safe adjustment. While training is requiredbefore a physician is allowed to start an Orbera weight loss program, the Orbera gastric balloon insertion procedure is rather simple and straightforward. 


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How do the Orbera and Spatz3 gastric balloons contribute to achieving non-surgical weight loss?


The Orbera balloon and the Spatz3 balloon have demonstrated efficacy in achieving positive weight loss results. Clinical studies indicate significant reductions in excess body weight and improvements in metabolic parameters for individuals treated with either balloon. Their mechanisms of action include:


1-Portion Control: By occupying space in the stomach, both balloons instill a sense of fullness even with smaller food portions. This results in reduced calorie intake, enabling individuals to achieve the necessary calorie deficit for effective weight loss results.

2-Feelings of Satisfaction: Both intragastric balloons, the Orbera gastric balloon, and the Spatz3 balloon activate specialized nerve receptors within the stomach, dispatching signals to the brain that tame cravings and boost satiety levels. With diminished hunger pangs and heightened contentment, individuals find it easier to adhere to a lower-calorie diet, propelling their weight loss results and endeavors. 

3-Positive Behavior Change: Introducing a gastric balloon initiates a transformative journey, where individuals embrace healthier eating habits and mindfulness. Guided by dietary counseling, they cultivate a discerning approach to food, practice portion control, and develop mindful eating practices. Encouragement for an active lifestyle further amplifies weight loss outcomes. 

4-Mind-Body Harmony: Beyond the physical impact, gastric balloons provide invaluable psychological support. Healthcare professionals offer guidance and counseling to address emotional eating triggers and foster healthier coping mechanisms. By unraveling the complex emotions entwined with food, gastric balloon procedures help individuals foster a healthier relationship with eating, unlocking improved well-being and sustained weight management. 

In summary, the Orbera and Spatz3 gastric balloons provide effective non-surgical options for weight loss. By working in conjunction with healthcare professionals and adopting a comprehensive lifestyle approach, you can achieve sustainable gastric balloon weight loss and improve your overall well-being.   


At The Silhouette Clinic, our seasoned weight loss experts are here to accompany you throughout your entire journey. From the initial assessment to crafting customized treatment plans, we are committed to providing all the guidance and support you need. Our ultimate objective is to help you to make a well-informed decision regarding the most suitable gastric balloon procedure for your unique circumstances. Whether you choose the Orbera or the Spatz3 balloon, we shall work closely with you to develop a comprehensive lifestyle approach and ongoing support.  


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