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Taryns Success Story

Taryn: Long-term weight loss success with ESG

Taryn is an active wife and mom, and busy in her successful career as a surgical technologist. Her weight rose in her 20s and 30s, she found dieting easy, but always regained the weight. By her 40s, like many of us, she began to struggle to lose those extra pounds.

She became more self-conscious and stopped riding roller coasters during family amusement park vacations and would push her kids in front of her for family photos. “I felt horrible about the way I had let myself go, it was impacting my participation with my family. Something had to change.”

“My sister had a gastric bypass, but with such a large re-section, her life is not easy. I didn’t want to go that route.”

After researching ESG she made an appointment with Dr. Charbel at the Silhouette Clinic to discuss her goals and expectations. Dr. Charbel patiently answered her questions and explained the procedure.

Taryn liked ESG because it is a solution for patients who do not want surgery or are not candidates for surgery. It is a solution that provides busy patients with fewer complications and less time off work.

Taryn was an ideal candidate for the procedure and has achieved great long-term results. “A year after ESG my life has completely changed. I want to buy clothing that draws attention to me. I used to feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit. Now I’m the mom who jumps in the river and paddle boards with my kids. For anyone looking at the procedure, I would really encourage you to check it out. I was so thankful to find this procedure. It has been lifechanging.”

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