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Have you ever struggled to choose a dish off the menu when dining out because of the diet you’re following? Sit back and relax because dining out at a restaurant and eating healthy is much easier than you think! There are plenty of foods across the globe which are delicious and nutritious.

The Silhouette Clinic’s registered dietitians have browsed menus at different restaurants to discern the healthiest meals you can order while you dine out. So, read on about these dishes you can order from various cuisines:

American or Pub Healthy Eating

American cuisine usually has a negative connotation regarding diet, but fortunately, there are many ways you can overcome this.

At American diners, order the burgers or sandwiches minus the bun or bread. Some places even have the option to wrap your burger in lettuce or other leafy greens!

In case you are looking for a juicy steak for dinner, choose a grilled or baked chicken, fish, steak, or pork, then enjoy it with your favorite steamed or grilled veggies or a side salad, but have the dressing on the side, as some sauces can be too fatty and calorific.

Indian Healthy Eating

While most Indian restaurant menus are heavy, picking a protein-rich platter like Butter Chicken, Chicken Tandoori, and Chicken Tikka Masala is a great way to get the delicious flavor without so much fat. Another good option is Kabobs made with ground lamb or ground chicken. As for sides, look for Aloo Gobhi (potatoes and cauliflower), Baingan Bharta (eggplant), Saag (spinach), or mixed Indian vegetables and vegetable curries.

When it comes to rice, it is best to ask for half or no rice. And definitely try to avoid Naan bread and fried dishes.

Italian Healthy Eating

Many people associate Italian food with carb-heavy dishes, but this will not be the case if you go for protein-based platters. Get your lean protein from seafood like mussels, grilled chicken, fish, shrimp, or steak, with veggies and legumes with herbs and spices.

You can also try the Chicken Piccata served in a sauce containing lemon juice, butter, and capers, Chicken Saltimboca sage leaves in a white wine butter sauce, or Chicken Caprese tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, herbs, and olive.

And most importantly, avoid the bread basket.

Mexican Healthy Eating

There are plenty of options to make Mexican dishes good for you. Opt for a Chicken or Steak Fajitas but without the tortilla.

Street Tacos or Carnitas are also a good option, but limit cheese and sour cream since they can become calorie and fat bombs for your meal – if you cannot stand eating your favorite dish without them, ask for these toppings on the side to control portion sizes.

Seafood lover?

Order a Ceviche made of marinated raw fish or seafood.

And if you are a fan of beans, choose whole beans instead of refried ones; they are lower in unnecessary fat and calories and deliver all the protein content in beans.

Asian Healthy Eating

Asian cuisine is one of the most beloved cuisines in the United States and includes many healthy options. For example, steamed potstickers, spring rolls, and steamed dumplings are a great alternative to fried ones.

You can also enjoy a bowl of edamame, seaweed salad, or miso soup.

Fermented soy products like miso contain probiotics, beneficial bacteria that promote gut health. For a protein-packed dish, go for a Hibachi-style dinner made of grilled steak, chicken, or shrimp, with vegetables on the side. Sashimi is also among the best items at an Asian restaurant as it is rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty.

You can also order your favorite sushi roll as a Naruto Roll, wrapped with a thin cucumber slice instead of rice. But be sure you always have your sauces on the side to cut excess calories and avoid breaded, fried, and tempura.

Mediterranean Healthy Eating

It is not hard to find nutritional peace in the Middle Eastern cuisine.

The easiest way is to order a platter of grilled chicken breast and swap the rice for something like grilled veggies or a large salad; the more veggies, the better!

You may also add hummus on the side as there is plenty to love in this dish of ground-up chickpeas mixed with tahini, which provides a dose of plant-based protein, fiber, and healthy fat.

As for salads, a Fattoush salad is a better option than a Greek salad, which contains a lot of cheese and olives. Enjoy yours with vinegar dressing to save even more calories.

At the Silhouette Clinic, you can get nutrition counseling services through our professionals to help you achieve your wanted results and learn how to choose the correct meal. Contact us now and book a consultation.



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