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Discover the path to a healthier you with Orbera, the leading gastric balloon technology, at our NJ-based weight loss center. Specializing in endoscopic bariatric surgery and balloon procedures, our team is dedicated to providing personalized care to achieve your weight loss goals.

Many believe that achieving significant weight loss requires invasive surgery, but that’s a myth we’re here to dispel. At our premier New Jersey weight loss center, we’re turning the tide with the Orbera gastric balloon, a revolutionary non-surgical solution that’s reshaping the journey towards achieving your health goals. Our expert team, specializing in both bariatric options and innovative gastric balloon technology, is committed to tailoring a weight loss program that fits your unique needs. Whether you’re exploring the transformative potential of the gastric balloon, ready to embark on a non-surgical weight loss journey, or seeking comprehensive solutions beyond traditional bariatric surgery, we’re here to guide you toward embracing a healthier, fulfilling life without the need for invasive procedures.


1. Discover how the Orbera gastric balloon can transform your weight loss journey

Embarking on a weight loss journey often involves navigating through a myriad of options, yet the Orbera Gastric Balloon stands out as a unique weight loss solution that promises rapid weight loss without the need for surgery. This non-surgical weight loss procedure is designed not only to facilitate successful weight loss but also to encourage lifestyle changes that ensure long-term results. The process of gastric balloon placement is straightforward, where the balloon is inserted into the stomach to occupy space and promote a feeling of fullness sooner during meals. This mechanism aids in reducing the amount of food intake, thereby accelerating the journey towards shedding excess weight. Moreover, the Orbera gastric balloon managed weight loss program includes comprehensive support to help individuals make the necessary dietary and lifestyle adjustments for sustained health improvements. Embracing this gastric balloon weight loss option can significantly transform your weight loss journey, making it a viable and effective alternative to traditional weight loss methods.


2. Schedule your consultation today: start your non-surgical weight loss program in NJ

Taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle is crucial, and scheduling your consultation today can mark the beginning of your transformative journey. Our non-surgical weight loss program in NJ is designed to cater to your unique needs, offering a personalized approach to weight loss without the need for invasive surgery. By choosing to start your non-surgical weight loss, you’re not only embracing a healthier version of yourself but also committing to a sustainable lifestyle change. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that your weight loss program in NJ is successful and tailored to your personal goals. Schedule a consultation with us today, and let us help you embark on a journey towards achieving and maintaining your ideal weight through our comprehensive non-surgical weight loss program.


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3. Achieving your dream weight: what to expect from a gastric balloon procedure


Starting the journey of achieving your dream weight with the Orbera gastric balloon procedure marks a pivotal moment in your weight loss efforts. This unique weight loss option involves a minimally invasive 15-minute procedure where a deflated balloon is carefully inserted through the mouth into the stomach and then filled with saline to occupy space, making you feel full sooner and reducing your overall food intake. The simplicity of how the gastric balloon is inserted and its effectiveness in promoting significant weight loss without the need for weight loss surgery make it a compelling choice for many. Throughout the months of treatment, patients are supported with a comprehensive weight loss plan designed to maximize the benefits of the balloon and foster sustainable lifestyle changes.


When the time comes for the removal of the balloon, typically after six months, the procedure is similarly non-invasive. The gastric balloon is removed in a process where it is first deflated and then gently extracted. This milestone is an important part of the journey, as it marks the transition to maintaining weight loss through healthy habits developed during the months of treatment. The period while the balloon is inside your stomach serves as a crucial phase for adapting to new dietary habits and lifestyle changes that are essential for long-term success. The intragastric balloon procedure not only aids in kickstarting your weight loss but also in laying a solid foundation for a healthier future, making it a weight loss option worth considering for those committed to transforming their lives.

4. Comprehensive weight loss solutions: beyond bariatric surgery

Exploring comprehensive weight loss solutions extends far beyond the realm of traditional bariatric surgery. Our center prides itself on offering a spectrum of options tailored to meet individual needs, including advanced non surgical procedures like endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and gastric bypass revision, as well as other non-surgical procedures that don’t require surgery, such as the Orbera™ Gastric Balloon programs. Recognizing that each journey is unique, we integrate managed weight loss programs, diet and exercise programs, and continuous support to ensure sustainable results. This holistic approach positions us at the forefront of the weight loss industry, making our center a beacon for those seeking not just to undergo bariatric surgery but to embark on a comprehensive path toward health and wellness. Whether you’re considering bariatric surgical procedures or looking to achieve your goals through alternative methods, our team is dedicated to providing personalized, effective solutions.


5. Embrace a brand new life: Hit your goal weight with our non-surgical weight loss procedure


Embarking on a journey to hit your goal weight can often feel daunting, especially when considering the options available. However, our non-surgical weight loss procedure, featuring the Orbera™ Gastric Balloon, offers a promising path that doesn’t require surgery or a strict diet. This innovative approach is designed to kickstart your weight loss by facilitating early satiety, helping you consume fewer calories while adopting healthier lifestyle habits. For individuals with a BMI of 30 or above, this procedure can be a game-changer, potentially allowing you to lose up to 70lbs. It’s a cornerstone of our gastric balloon programs, which are part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at ensuring ideally the weight loss continues well beyond the initial procedure. We encourage you to schedule a consultation to explore how this procedure can help you embrace a brand new life without the need for undergoing bariatric surgery. Moreover, while this life-changing procedure is not covered by insurance, we offer financing options, making it an accessible option for many. With our support, weight loss continues throughout your journey, transforming not just your body but your entire lifestyle.



6. The Orbera™ Gastric Balloon: A New Horizon in the Weight Loss Industry Today

The Orbera™ Gastric Balloon represents a groundbreaking advancement in the weight loss industry today, offering a beacon of hope for those striving to hit their goal weight without undergoing traditional bariatric surgery. For patients who do not qualify for a gastric bypass or a sleeve gastrectomy, or individuals who do not want to undergo invasive surgeries performed by New Jersey and New York bariatric groups, the Orbera™ Gastric Balloon may be an ideal solution. This innovative non-surgical weight loss procedure is designed to provide an effective solution for individuals with a BMI of 30 or above. The balloon, once inserted into the stomach, saline is used to fill the balloon, creating a sense of fullness and reducing the urge to overeat. This process, which significantly alters the way your stomach perceives hunger, is a pivotal step towards achieving a brand new life filled with much more confidence and happiness.


Choosing to schedule a consultation today with a doctor at The Silhouette Clinic in New York / New Jersey weight loss center can be the first step in a transformative journey. During the consultation, potential candidates will learn about the intricacies of the Orbera™ Gastric Balloon system, including how long the balloon stays in the stomach (typically six months), and what weight loss they can expect to lose during this period. The Silhouette Clinic’s comprehensive approach ensures that support continues throughout the entire process, guiding patients every step of the way toward achieving and maintaining their ideal weight. This commitment to patient education and ongoing support underscores the importance of selecting a trusted weight loss center that is dedicated to your success.


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What is the Orbera™ Gastric Balloon and how does it work?


The Orbera™ Gastric Balloon is a revolutionary non-surgical weight loss procedure designed for individuals with a BMI of 30 or above. The balloon can also be considered in patients with a BMI of 25 and above who are not able to lose weight with diet and exercise. It involves the placement of a soft, durable balloon into the stomach, which is then filled with saline to occupy space and create a feeling of fullness. This process helps reduce hunger and encourages portion control, making it easier for patients to adhere to a healthier lifestyle and achieve significant weight loss. The balloon is typically left in the stomach for six months, during which time patients can expect to kickstart their weight loss journey with the support of a comprehensive dietary and lifestyle program.


How can I schedule a consultation today with a doctor at New York Bariatric Endoscopy or Endo Bariatrics of NJ?


To schedule a consultation today, you can contact our center directly through our website or by phone. During your consultation, you will meet with an expert and a qualified endoscopic bariatric specialist who will evaluate your health, discuss your weight loss goals, and recommend the best treatment options for you. This initial consultation is a crucial step in educating yourself about the Orbera™ Gastric Balloon system and other non-surgical weight loss solutions we offer, ensuring you are fully informed and comfortable with your weight loss plan.


What weight loss can I expect to achieve with the Orbera Gastric Balloon?


With the Orbera Gastric Balloon, patients can expect to experience significant weight loss, often losing up to three times more weight than with diet and exercise alone. While individual results vary, many patients begin to see that their weight started dropping within the first few weeks after the balloon is placed. It’s important to note that the success of the procedure also depends on the patient’s commitment to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Our team provides ongoing support and guidance to ensure that your weight loss continues throughout the entire duration of the balloon placement and beyond.


Can undergoing the Orbera Gastric Balloon procedure help me achieve a brand new life?


Absolutely! The Orbera Gastric Balloon procedure is not just about losing weight; it’s about transforming your life. By achieving and maintaining your ideal weight, you can enjoy much more happiness, confidence, and overall well-being. Our comprehensive weight loss program includes not only the balloon placement but also dietary counseling, lifestyle coaching, and medical support to help you make lasting changes. This holistic approach ensures that you have all the tools you need to embrace a brand new life and maintain your results long after the balloon is removed.


Why should I educate myself on this unique weight loss procedure before scheduling a consultation?


It’s crucial to educate yourself on this unique weight loss procedure before your consultation to ensure you have a clear understanding of the process, benefits, and potential risks involved. Knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions about your health and weight loss journey. During your consultation with your doctor at The Silhouette Clinic’s New Jersey weight loss center, being well-informed will allow you to ask insightful questions and have a productive discussion about whether the Orbera™ Gastric Balloon or other non-surgical weight loss options are right for you. Our team recommends that patients educate themselves as much as possible to ensure they are fully prepared for this life-changing journey.

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