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Obesity is a complex condition that involves a number of factors and can have serious health implications. Treating obesity is just as complex and requires a good grasp of the medical aspect of the disease, as well as excellent technical skills to perform certain surgical or non-surgical procedures to achieve lasting weight loss results.

Picking the doctor, you trust with your health, and you put in charge of tackling your weight loss process can be difficult and confusing. You would only want to trust your health to the best doctor. A doctor with the experience and expertise of Dr. Charbel can be of great help to you in your weight loss journey.

Dr Halim Charbel

Dr. Charbel is a well-respected doctor who has been serving patients in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC metropolitan area for many years. He has been consistently recognized by his peers as one of the Washingtonian magazine top doctors for years.

Dr. Charbel received his medical degree in 2002 from Saint Joseph’s University School of Medicine in Beirut, Lebanon. He completed his internal medicine residency in 2006. Dr. Charbel finished his gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition fellowship in 2009 at Georgetown University Hospital, Washington DC.

Additionally, Dr. Charbel gained expertise in advanced endoscopic procedures, such as endoluminal stenting, endoscopic mucosal resection, and endoscopic ultrasound. He published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented scientific posters at national gastroenterology meetings.

After his fellowship, Dr. Charbel joined the Peninsula Regional Medical Group on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where he established Peninsula Regional Gastroenterology Medicine.

He became the Director of Gastroenterology of the Peninsula Regional Medical Group and the Medical Director of the Peninsula Surgery Center. He joined the University of Maryland on the Eastern Shore as a Clinical Instructor of Gastroenterology for the Physician Assistant Program and welcomed trainees to rotate in his practice.

Dr. Charbel then moved to Montgomery County and established Digestive Care Specialists, providing comprehensive and high-quality gastrointestinal care to the community. He then established The Silhouette Clinic which quickly became the top endoscopic bariatric practice in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Dr. Charbel’s reputation extended beyond Maryland, DC, and Virginia. He has many patients traveling from all over the US to seek care from him.


Dr. Charbel, an expert in non-surgical weight loss procedures.

Since he was in training at Georgetown University Hospital’s gastroenterology program, Dr. Charbel has been interested and focused on advanced endoscopic procedures. He trained in complex interventional endoscopic procedures and has been performing interventional endoscopic ultrasound as well as endoscopic suturing for years. He applied his advanced endoscopic skills to bariatric endoscopy to become an expert in endoscopic weight loss procedures. He mastered endoscopic suturing techniques and became one of the top doctors performing Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) in the country. Dr. Charbel also performs endoscopic revision of gastric bypass and endoscopic revision of gastric sleeve, to help patients struggling with weight regain after bariatric surgery. As an Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty expert, Dr. Charbel has been teaching physicians how to perform ESG at national conferences and has been proctoring physicians who come observe his procedures.






Non-invasive weight loss in Washington DC metropolitan area at Dr. Charbel’s weight loss clinic.


At The Silhouette Clinic, Dr. Charbel offers a range of non-invasive weight loss procedures that can be ideal for many patients who are struggling with their weight but who do not qualify for surgery or who prefer a less invasive approach. These endoscopic weight loss procedures include:

Endoscopic Sleeve - Weight Loss
Orbera Weight Loss Balloon
Bariatric Revision

Medical weight loss specialist in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area.


Dr. Charbel is board certified in obesity medicine. He works with a team of weight loss specialists and bariatric dietitians to offer a comprehensive medical weight loss program. Dr. Charbel’s weight loss program includes medical evaluation to rule out medical conditions that can be causing weight gain or making weight loss more difficult. The program offers nutrition counseling and support. It includes remote monitoring of weight and physical activity. Dr. Charbel and The Silhouette Clinic team offer the latest weight loss medications including GLP-1 agonists such as Semaglutide and other medications as appropriate for each patient. The program is customized to every patient’s needs and unique situation.

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Dr. Charbel works closely with his patients to help them make the best decisions for optimal weight loss results. He understands that obesity is a chronic disease. He understands that weight loss is difficult due to metabolic and other reasons, and it is not about lack of willpower or effort. He offers his patients a range of non-surgical weight loss options as well as medical weight loss. At Dr. Charbel’s weight loss clinic, patients get all the support they need from a whole team of professionals committed to achieving the best weight loss results. The results speak for themselves as can be seen on Dr. Charbel’s weight loss success stories page.

The Silhouette Clinic is one of the best weight loss centers serving patients from all over the US. Whether you are local from Maryland, Virginia, or the Washington DC area, or whether you come from out of state, Dr. Charbel and The Silhouette Clinic team are ready to help you with your weight loss journey to achieve the best weight loss results.

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